Apparently, Cube Marketplace and Cafe has a special Lasagna Lab on Tuesday nights.  When I went, I didn’t really care, because it was my best foodie friend’s send-off dinner, and I was so depressed I couldn’t even eat one bite. …NOT. 

But, it was Carina’s last day in LA, and she was on a mission to visit some of the places she hadn’t been yet, so when she said Cube, I jumped, having no idea what to expect, except a great time with a great friend.

I got there at the same time as Noelle, and my new foodie BFF Kayne found us as soon as we snagged a booth.  Once the woman of the hour arrived, our foursome was complete and dinner was ON.

We started with a bottle of People white wine, which led to a slew of bad “we’re People lovers” and “we’re people who love People” jokes for the rest of the night.

And the rest was a delicious blur…


Nothing beats a nice, fresh, mozarella and tomato salad…the peaches didn’t even bug the shit out of me like I thougth they would.  I approve.

There was some confusion about what kind of greens these were, but they were so tasty I didn’t really care.  Garliky, vinegary, salty, and crisp. Do it.


 The corn pudding was nice.  Sweet enough to be a desert, warm, and comforting.  My picture of it, however, not so much. …don’t forget I take all these SOB’s on my Iphone, and by the 2nd bottle of wine, well, neither she, nor I are professionals any longer.


My favorite part of the evening–gegenbrauer braised bacon.  Don’t ask, because I don’t know wtf a gegenbrauer is.  All I need to know is I want more.


At some point, I had to get up and move my car–THIS was delivered to the table at that point.  Thankfully, my friends left me some spoonfulls and the cheezy mac didn’t dissapoint.


The star of the night–the Lasagna Lab.  Sorry I didn’t take better notes…it was good, though…with…um…cheese…and…there was some eggplant…?  It was light, airy, not too cheesy…served in a pan…which was cute…


I LOVED the salad that came with the lasagna.  Nice, light vinnegrette and bleu cheese that cut right through the cheesy pasta.


The Chocolate Hazelnut Tart was my idea.  Give me a Nutella-ish option and I’m all over that sukkah. 


Cookie dough ice cream trio.  Properly laden with big fat chunks of cookie dough.

Apricot Tart Tartin. Salty, sweet, cruchy, gooood.


And we finished up the night with a cobbler trio with some huckleberry in it. Top that, beeeches. 

It was a good night, fun people, good food, good (cheap) wine, and nothing to do but relax. 

ahhhh…thanks Cube!



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2 responses to “Cube

  1. melanie schoenberg

    you had me at chocolate hazelnut! I also love how you used cheese to cut through another kind of cheese– classic. : )

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