I love cafeterias.  I love them.  I think it’s because I went to teeny-tiny private schools until the 11th grade.  Since we were so small, physically, and in numbers, we never had cause celebre for a mass of messy children lining up to get their feed on. We just ate lunch at our desks. Boo. And if we were special enough (meaning: had parents lazy enough) to be part of our school’s hot lunch program, we had a piping hot slice of “salsbury steak” delivered right to our classroom.  Double boo.  So, throw a Clifton’s Cafeteria vote my way and I’m usually the first one with a ‘yeeeaaaa’.  


But, I’ll admit, anyone who eats at Clifton’s every day, and isn’t homeless, has some issues.  It’s just not right. Enter Lemonade, a cafeteria-style digg in the basement of the City National Plaza on 5th and Flower. Every day new, fresh, healthy treats are lined up in stainess steel bins, waiting for you to command the cute young cafeteria-ish lady or man to scoop some into your waiting tub or plate. It’s pricey, but worth it if you love tasty and good-for-you.  Whether you’re craving one of the cast-iron offerings of stewed meats, or a bright veggie hash, Lemonade’s the perfect party in the concrete pit, deep below street level.  Check it out sometime.


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