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Sugar Fish


My friends and I like food. 

What, am I supposed to apologize? Okay: Sorry. With a capitol S.  There you go.  Because, sometimes, we pay 50$ for luch.  On a Tuesday.  Yeah, I said it.  So. What. You’re more than welcome to join us.  As long as when the bill comes, all you do is sigh.  A puff of heald breath says everything that everyone’s thinking, and adding actual words to the conversation grates on my ears, nerves, guilt, and self loathing more than I can stand. 

So stop it. 

One tuesday in particular, my rouge group of cullinary bandits and I happened upon Sugarfish, a newish Sushi Nozawa restaurant in Downtown LA, where you siddown, shaddap, and melt over whatever he gives you. 

Your options are:

Trust Me ($23.50), Trust Me/Light ($13.50), or theNozawa ($32-34). 

I opted to Trust in full, cuz I ain’t light.  Enjoy.

Tuna Sashimi


Albacore and Salmon Sushi


Yellowtail Sushi


Toro Hand Roll


Crab Hand Roll


The View


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