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Senor Fish

Want a big, fat, healthy, fresh, filling, seafood burrito for 7$? Want a fish taco and beer happy hour at 9am? Want to eat really good food in a place that looks like a warehouse filled with cops, both undercover and uniformed? Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. But when I do, Senor Fish in Little Tokyo is the place.  Deeheeheelish.



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President’s Curried Eggs

Last night, while I was away at a westside spinning class, and nomnomnoming at A Votre Sante with my girlfriends, my family ordered my favorite takeout: President Thai. I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite dish, but the one I have to eat until it’s gone, or until I want to vomit–either from the spice, or the sheer gluttony–is the Green Curry with Shrimp .  I was stuuuuuuuuuufed from my own dinner, so even the smell of coconut milk, red chile, and happiness couldn’t lure me into another meal so soon.  Lucky for me, my big giant man of a husband tucked my tub of tastiness wayyyy back in the fridge so the ravenous pack of hyenas in my kitchen, howling at the burn in their throats, had no idea it was there.

I stayed up as long as I could, hoping, waiting, almost praying for a tiny tiny twinge of hunger to tap me on the tummy, to no avail. So, I went to bed, full, happy, and excited for Thai in the morning. But when I woke up, I wanted eggs. I wanted curry. But, I wanted eggs. …do I dare…? Should I try…? It sounds gross…but I wannnit. So, I did it.

I separated the egg whites, because egg yolk and curry sounds sickeningly heavy first thing in the morning. Then, I grilled the shrimp, whipped the curry with the eggs, and,  took a chance on life….

And, believe, you, me: I will be doing this a lot more often.


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