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I love cafeterias.  I love them.  I think it’s because I went to teeny-tiny private schools until the 11th grade.  Since we were so small, physically, and in numbers, we never had cause celebre for a mass of messy children lining up to get their feed on. We just ate lunch at our desks. Boo. And if we were special enough (meaning: had parents lazy enough) to be part of our school’s hot lunch program, we had a piping hot slice of “salsbury steak” delivered right to our classroom.  Double boo.  So, throw a Clifton’s Cafeteria vote my way and I’m usually the first one with a ‘yeeeaaaa’.  


But, I’ll admit, anyone who eats at Clifton’s every day, and isn’t homeless, has some issues.  It’s just not right. Enter Lemonade, a cafeteria-style digg in the basement of the City National Plaza on 5th and Flower. Every day new, fresh, healthy treats are lined up in stainess steel bins, waiting for you to command the cute young cafeteria-ish lady or man to scoop some into your waiting tub or plate. It’s pricey, but worth it if you love tasty and good-for-you.  Whether you’re craving one of the cast-iron offerings of stewed meats, or a bright veggie hash, Lemonade’s the perfect party in the concrete pit, deep below street level.  Check it out sometime.


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Little Dom’s

A great thing to find, is a place with good food, good drinks, close to the office, and either small enough, or big enough to get lost in, to disappear into, with your friends.

Little Dom’s is one of those places for me.  Whether it’s a lunch break that transports me from Downtown LA to Lil’ I’aly, or a happy hour that suspends the world outside on a string until I’m ready to tackle the 60E, the food, the vibe, the…”it” that is Little Dom’s is “it” for me.  I mean, they have a BREAKFAST PIZZA, for christssakes.

Go there.  Eat it.





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On a hot Saturday, a few weeks ago, Chuck surprised me with an adventure.  He told me to put some walking shoes on, I laughed and slipped on some strappy cork wedges, and we drove deep into East LA.  To the Metro station. And, my day was made right then and there, I didn’t care what else was on the agenda. Fortunately for you all, it got even better from there.  We boarded the train and rode rather aimlessly, through tunnels, over bridges, and made it to Grand Central Station, where the May Day protesters were filling up the station on the way home from a day of rallying against racism.  I felt bad for my lazy social in-activism, so when Chuck suggested we drown our underachieving selves in a cocktail, I was more than happy to oblige.  Traxx was closed for the weekend, so we hopped on the red line and made our way out to the spankin’ new W West Hollywood

GOOD idea. The train station empties out right onto Hollywood Blvd, and what did we find sitting right before our eyes…? Well none other than the W’s Delphine Eatery & Bar

Perfecto!  Beer me, barman!!!

We wanted to stay light, what with it being a Saturday–the Lord’s day of feasting, and all–so we opted for some charcuterie, cheese, and oysters. 

Ding, ding, mothaeffing, ding.


Everything was amazing, and I cannot wait to go back. The sandwiches, steak frites, and every damn thing else looked so great that I want to take a bite out of this keyboard just thinking about it.

Good with the bad: there was one pretty damn douchey guy at the bar while we were there.

But other than that, it was the perfect lazy Saturday, take a trip on the train, kinda day.


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The Dining Room

This is one looooong overdue post, but, get off my back, okay?!?! At least they’re here!!!

This, my friends, is Top Chef Michael Voltaggio’s amazing Dining Room at the Langham Pasadena.  The Chuckster took me for Valentines day this year, and I really, honestly had no idea where we were going until we headed North on the 605…Pasade…OHMYGOD ARE WE GOING TO THE DINING ROOM!!!!!! I couldn’t stand it, I was so excited.

And it lived up to every single hope I had.  From the waiter, to our sommelier, all the way to The Man, Chef V himself–everybody was warm, happy, welcoming, accomodating, and fantastic.  Just like the food, which I can honestly say is THE best meal I’ve ever had. 

I’ll give you the pics and their descriptions right off the menu, because I can’t do them any more justice than the man with the honey dipped hand, himself did. 

And so, I give you…

The Dining Room, by Michael Voltaggio

 Bacon Roll and Truffle Roll, served with French and Goat Cheese Butter



 Hendricks and Cucumber Cocktail Amuse


Octopus with Buttered Popcorn, Piquillo Confetti, Cilantro


Foie Gras with Apple, Saffron, Marcona Almond, Aerated Brioche

(The absolute BEST Foie Gras I’eve ever had in my life)


Langoustine with Young Fennel, Porcini Mushroom Lasagna


Kurobuta Pork Belly with Bok Choy “Kim Chi”, Kabocha Squash Preserves, Peanut Butter Noodles


 Pastrami Pigeon with Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, Rye



 Jameson Farm Lamb with Vadouvan, Nori-Spaghetti Squash, Yogurt, Fried Rice


Wagyu Short Rib with Smoked Potato “Tots”, Nantes Carrots, White Ketchup 



Chocolate Covered Strawberries 



 Lavender Flower Macaroon

Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta, Vanilla-Passion Sorbet, Floral Cotton Candy



Fools Gold

Chocoalte, Salty Hazelnut Praline, Milk Sorbet



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Panini Cafe

I always forget about Panini Cafe. If you want a salad, and I mean, a good salad–a big salad–and a good cup of soup, Panini is there, just waiting for you.  It’s unassuming, it’s delicious, it’s hearty, and it’s worth every penny. And, almost more importantly, it’s the perfect place to take someone when you don’t know where to take someone.  It’s got a plethora of options; from salads, to sandwiches, to meat plates, to veggie plattters.  And the portions are huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Even if they don’t look like it here.


Lentil Soup

Chicken Panini Salad

Salmon Salad


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Din Tai Fung

I thought I didn’t like Chinese food. I thought I didn’t like dumplings. I would now like to go back in time and slap the &%$* out of myself from 10 years ago for making me waste all the time I could’ve been eating dumplings.  Because, done right, they are SUBLIME. I mean, have you ever had soup dumplings? Because if you have, and you know me, and you didn’t come up to me and say “AK, soup dumplings are the most amazing food in the world. I mean, if you haven’t eaten them, you should slap yourself in the face, and immediately go eat ten of them.” If you did not say that to me, and you knew this secret amazingness, don’t tell me, because you will be dead to me. DEAD. So is the salty, sour, vinegary, gingery, warm, amazballs essence of Din Tai Fung in Arcadia



Every week, there’s a different vegetable.

GET THESE green beans if they’re available.

The Wonton Soup is perfect with soy sauce and chili oil.

Steamed Pork Buns. Just…sigh…delicious…

The money shot: Juicy Pork Dumplings.

Vinegar, ginger shreds, chili pepper flakes, and soy dipping sauce.

Get out of my way, I will eat your fingers if they’re in my path.

Pork and Shrimp Shu Mai…soupy in the bottom, shrimpy on top. 

Perfect all around.

So good, I don’t want to eat anywhere else, ever.  But I’ll suffer through other meals, just to survive, until I get to go back.

THAT’S how good it is.

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La Cita


If ever you need a Bloody Mary around…oh…say, 5pm, then you’re in the mood for one place, and one place only.  That place is La Cita in Downtown LA


Sure, you’ll have to push your way through the seedy, rabble-rousing, nearly elderly group packed like cattle in the inside, dark as black-ink bar. But once you make your way to the bolted-down-tile-floored patio out back, you’re in a different world, baby. Just don’t start a fire, because the exits don’t work, and the fences are decorated with barbed-wire. For a reason that has nothing to do with hipster-chic.  

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