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Hola, peopleses

I might kill somebody today. So instead, I’m going to look at these pretty, pretty pictures for a minute….

Okay. I’m back. So, I sat here and wrote this blog entry for an hour before someone with more technological savvy, and apparently, a cloak of invisibility swooped in and deleted it. RUDE. At least show your face if you’re going to sabotage me! BASTARDO!!!!! Moving on…

Hello. My name is AK, and this is my spankin’ new blog-erito. I don’t know what it’s about, but I do like food, snark, justice, big jewelry, and animal print. So, please excuse me for the mixed metaphors, confused themes, and general rambling about to take place. I promise to try to entertain you through it all, sukkas.  Thanks for stopping by, though. You’re earning karmic points just for being here, I promise, and if you could see me batting my eyes at you right now, you’d totally be fulfilled. ‘Cuz I have great eyelashes. …well, actually, great mascara that looks like great eyelashes, but who can tell…



Last week I got to head over to my favorite new spot downtown, Starry Kitchen.  My newish friends Nguyen and Thi have found success and acclaim with a gorgeous menu filled with love and flavor that I just cannot get enough of.  AND, they do something I’ve always wanted to do–pickle their own veggies, daily.  It’s a very Russian thing to do, and if you don’t know yet, if you keep reading this here bloggy-blog you’re gonna find out, that I, my dears, am quite the quarter of a Rusky if I do say so myself-skees.

Lately, for a few particular reasons, I’ve been on a vegan kick, and Starry Kitchen’s got plenty of options for those so inclined.  I’ve been addicted to their Lemongrass Ginger Tofu Salad, and not just because I’m one hell of a superficial biatch who falls for beautiful facades. This shizz tastes GOOD, too. I mean, it tastes GOOD.


 Today, I went with an old friend of mine to La Piazza at the Grove.  I’d been once before for a plate of oysters and a half caraffe of wine, and I loved it, so I was happy to try it for an actual meal-ey-o. Boy am I glad we did. I ordered the rustic minestrone soup, and, lemme tell you, if you were there to see the uh-mazing job I did of bringing allll the soup from the bowl, in a spoon, to my mouth–I’m telling you, you would’ve awarded me. With what I know not, that’d be your call.  Annnnnnnnnyway…my main was a generously portioned trio of Smoked Salmon Bruscchhchetttaaa with lovely macerated grape tomatoes.



Desert was necessary, and since the cold morning turned into a nice, almost even hot afternoon, a trio of sorbets and a passion fruit mousse with chocolate pearls was in order. Loved it! the mousse had an amazing zing, so tart and shocking to the tongue. I can still feel the tingle. And the fruit covered sorbets were delicious-oh. I recommend it all.

There were more adventures, with amazing people who I truly hold dear to my heart, but those, my lovelies will be for another blog post, hopefully sometime soon. 

Till then, welcome to the world of the Salty Lawyer.





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Welcome, drink up.

So, now that I have 989 pictures of food on my iPhone, I figured it was time to move them into a permanent spot. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope I actually make a habit of updating this, and that you actually enjoy what’s happening. 


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Last week The Minty, Carina-The UncouthGourmand, and I found ourselves at Mo-Chica, once again. We had been before, about a month ago, for lunch, and this time were returning to cash in our Blackboard Eats coupons at dinner.


Now, listen…there’s not much I can tell you about Mo Chica that everyone else already hasn’t tried.  If you haven’t heard, you just weren’t listening. Los Angeles Magazine named them one of the top 10 restaurants in LA , LA Weekly ravedand 52 people have given it a 5 star rating on Yelp. So, I’m just going to leave it at this: the place is damn good. Buuuut, I’m pretty sure the portions are bigger at lunch than they at dinner–and a side note that I’d be pissed if no one told me: alcohol is not available and NOT allowed.

Here’s the goods:

A Peruvian roasted corn app, while you wait.

Something new…


The best, citrusy, Sea Bass Ceviche EVER


Salad of the Day: Quinoa    


Papas A La Huacaina, a tangy mustardy sauce.

Quinotto-quinoa & mushroom risotto, a little soupy


 Lomo Saltado: tender, juicy chunks of beef. 

Seco De Cordero: An  amazing stewed lamb.


 Aji De Gallina–stewed chicken 

 Passion Fruit Creme Brulee

And some Carob Mousse to finish it up.

It was a damn good meal.  Everybody says so.









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